Partners with Purpose

As the pandemic surged this past year, food pantries and other similar nonprofits experienced debilitating shortages, struggling to supply nourishment to the individuals who depended on them. When the Dayle McIntosh Center (DMC) voiced a need to provide food resources to their participants with disabilities, our Adult [...]

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The March Continues

Our 2021 March for Meals campaign made it all the way to Washington when U.S. Representatives Katie Porter (CA-45) and Michelle Steel (CA-48) joined us to raise awareness for senior issues in Orange County. Both Congresswomen visited local senior centers and handed out meals, spoke with older [...]

A Very Successful March for Meals

Each year, Meals on Wheels OC participates in the national March for Meals campaign to generate awareness of senior hunger and isolation.  This year, we invited local elected officials to get hands-on experience serving Grab & Go meals to older adults through our partnerships with local senior [...]

Heartfelt Thanks to Our Volunteers!

This month, Meals on Wheels OC gives thanks to the hundreds of volunteers that have given their time and energy to delivering nutritious meals and friendly smiles.  Below are messages of heartfelt thanks for the tremendous joy and comfort volunteers have brought to local seniors over the [...]

Support and Community for Formerly Homeless Seniors

Meals on Wheels OC is proud to partner with Innovative Housing Opportunities to provide supportive services to low-income and formerly homeless seniors residing in the El Verano Apartments, a new affordable housing community in Anaheim. The program is aimed at helping individuals transition to healthy, independent living. [...]

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The Best Call Thelma Ever Made

Circumstances had changed for Thelma and she couldn't stop worrying. She wondered, "How am I going to eat!?" Thelma's insurance benefits had expired and surgery was imminent. She would be unable to return to the job she loved and was in financial crisis. "I felt ashamed [...]

Angela’s New Chapter

Angela’s active life was put on hold when an unexpected condition and series of surgeries compromised her health and mobility.  No longer able to work, Angela was struggling financially, surviving on milk and crackers. Then the Covid-19 pandemic hit.  “I got scared, I got frightened – you [...]

COVID-19 Vaccination Events Provide Hope for Families

In an effort to help protect the most vulnerable members of the community, more than 190 high-risk Meals on Wheels OC Adult Day Health Center (ADHC) participants, family caregivers, and health care staff have received initial doses of the COVID-19 vaccine during the first of several events [...]

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