Circumstances had changed for Thelma and she couldn’t stop worrying. She wondered, “How am I going to eat!?”

Thelma’s insurance benefits had expired and surgery was imminent. She would be unable to return to the job she loved and was in financial crisis. “I felt ashamed to ask for help,” Thelma explained. “I’m a go-getter, I’m not a free-loader, but Social Security just wasn’t cutting it. I thought ‘What am I going to do? Eat bologna and cereal?'”

Thelma knew a nutritionally-balanced diet was vital to good health, so despite her embarrassment, she decided to ask Meals on Wheels Orange County for help. She said, “It was the best call I ever made! They made me feel good and happy – my embarrassment went away.” Today, Thelma enjoys the variety of meals delivered to her door and is grateful for the health benefits they provide.

She said, “I feel blessed and lucky. The meals are so nutritious and I’m able to maintain my weight. When my doctor checked my vitals, he told me I’m doing great! Meals on Wheels makes a person feel good health-wise and in their heart.”