Julianne, a former Laker Girl, began delivering Meals on Wheels when the gym she managed temporarily shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She had time on her hands and missed connections with the community. “The part most people don’t see about being a Laker Girl is the charity work they do,” Julianne said. “I missed that.”

In previous roles, Julianne has experienced the power of teaming up together to strengthen others. She said, “When I work in the gym, I help others strengthen physically. When I volunteer for Meals on Wheels OC, I strengthen others by giving hope.”

Julianne has gained a new perspective from living with her grandmother. She said, “I realize there are many people who don’t have family looking after them and I feel called to do this. Now it is nice to be the Friday face for Meals on Wheels OC. A quick check-in helps make everyone’s day a little bit brighter.”

Thank you, Julianne, for joining our volunteer team! Together, we are stronger!

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