Bertha remembers the challenges of shouldering the responsibility of being a full-time caregiver for her eighty-six-year-old mother, Magdalena. As Magdalena’s health worsened, Bertha was caring for her day and night.

It became increasingly difficult for Bertha to do her own household chores, shop for groceries, or tend to everyday needs. Eventually, the stress of providing constant care became overwhelming. Bertha was exhausted.

I felt like I had no freedom at all,” Bertha shares. “I needed a break and was praying for help.”

Bertha found Meals on Wheels Orange County’s Adult Day Health Centers (ADHC) in Santa Ana. Within weeks, Magdalena was enrolled and enjoying daytime supervision and activities three days a week.

The benefits have been life-changing — for them both.

It’s liberating!” Bertha says. “Now I have time to clean and do the shopping, and I know Mom is having fun and being cared for.” Meals on Wheels OC operates three Adult Day Healthcare Centers throughout the county, offering seniors the opportunity to socialize, exercise, be creative, and enjoy a nutritious lunch under the care of skilled nurses and kind staff.

Mom likes the routine, enjoys the nutritious food, and especially likes to paint. Thank you all for caring for my mother and so many others.” — Bertha

As a result of your compassionate support, both seniors and their caregivers enjoy improved quality of life — which can help keep families together.

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