Shirley has enjoyed living independently in her mobile home for 20 years and benefits greatly from receiving Meals on Wheels. The 91-year-old first heard about the nutrition-packed meals from Meals on Wheels OC from her neighbor.

Shirley realized that enrolling in our nutrition program would relieve her daily struggle to cook.  Trying to reach into her cupboards while using her walker was difficult and could lead to falls. “Cooking is a lot of work and I get tired,” the nonagenarian admitted. Although Shirley has always been a fan of healthy eating, escalating food costs were also an obstacle to providing good nutrition on her fixed income. “Meals on Wheels is a wonderful thing to have on a limited budget and makes it easier to live independently,” she said. “Before Meals on Wheels, I depended mostly on canned foods. I did the best I could to avoid junk food, but it was hard. Now that I have these nutritious meals, my whole system is better than it’s ever been, and I’m not tempted to eat other less nutritional things.”