Maureen and Kat

Kat and her 87-year-old mother Maureen have both experienced health challenges over the years. For years, they have supported each other by pooling their resources and sharing a home together. When their health conditions worsened and money was in short supply, the pair desperately needed help providing for their basic needs. When their cardiologist recommended contacting Meals on Wheels OC, Kat loved the idea and eagerly enrolled Maureen in the Meals on Wheels nutrition program. Kat said, “It was becoming very difficult for us to afford groceries, and I explained to Mom, ‘Without Meals on Wheels, we’ll be without food.’ ”

Once the pandemic hit, life got even more difficult, and Kat’s health declined. The danger of contracting Covid-19 prevented them from safely shopping for food to help supplement the meals they shared. Thankfully, Meals on Wheels OC’s Grab & Go frozen meals quickly became available for distribution at the local senior centers. Kat and her mother happily drove their 24-year-old car to the nearest center to pick up three emergency meals each week to help stretch their food supply.

Shortly after, Kat celebrated her 60th birthday and became eligible to receive Meals on Wheels! Now, she and her mother both receive their own meals with each delivery. The duo is grateful for the help. Maureen said, “Meals on Wheels improves our quality of life. The meals are good and so very nutritious. I am so grateful for the services and for the drivers. They genuinely care about us.” Kat added, “More and more seniors are faced with a financial crunch. Medication, bills, home repairs, utilities, rent, food…everything is going up. Food is a basic need, and we need this program to continue. If it wasn’t for this program, we would be going without.”