When John made the decision to bring his wife Mary home from the care facility, he knew his role as full-time caregiver would be challenging, but as Mary’s health declined and John experienced his own health challenges, life became more difficult than he imagined. When shopping and preparing meals became too much for John to manage, the 87-year-old reached out to Meals on Wheels OC for help. Each delivery of healthy meals brought comfort and relief. “There was just too much going on,” he explained. “Knowing I could count on Meals on Wheels to provide nutritious meals was very reassuring.”

Now, five years later, John is 92, lives alone, and is grateful that Meals on Wheels OC continues to deliver healthy meals to his doorstep. He said, “My legs don’t work as well as they used to, and I can’t get around too much, but Meals on Wheels makes life easier for me. Someone coming and delivering nutritious food from Meals on Wheels is a great thing!”

(name has been changed for privacy purposes)