Joan’s younger years were dedicated to sharing the comforts of her home with many children, most of who were not her own. In addition to raising a family and spending time with her grandchildren, Joan dedicated 15 years of her life to fostering children who benefited greatly from the love and nourishment she provided.

Now 92, the great-great grandmother no longer spends time in her kitchen preparing meals for others. Instead, she is delighted to receive healthy meals made with loving care from the kitchen of Meals on Wheels OC. Joan knows a nutritious diet is vital for good health. “The proof is in the pudding!” she said. “Without Meals on Wheels, I wouldn’t be 92 years old and running around like crazy! The food is so good. It’s not like other take-out food…it’s like home cooking!”

Not only is Joan grateful to receive the nutritious meals, but she also appreciates the friendly check-ins provided with each delivery. Joan said, “The people who deliver the meals are really nice people. They even put my food away for me! If I don’t answer the door, they check on me and that is a really good thing. Meals on Wheels OC helps me SO much and they are all great people. I’m so thankful for them all.”