Irma & Ezequiel

Since 83-year-old Irma suffered a stroke last year, her husband Ezequiel has been her loving caregiver. Ezequiel considers himself an “excellent dishwasher,” but much less competent preparing meals when it comes to time in the kitchen. Since the threat of COVID-19, the couple stays home, restricting their outings to doctor appointments. “It is limiting,” said Ezequiel, “but no one is exempt from this virus.” When trips to the grocery store were no longer safe for the couple, their niece suggested they contact us. Since joining the program six months ago, Irma and Ezequiel are no longer concerned about getting the nutrition they need. Without Meals on Wheels, Ezequiel knows they would be struggling to meet their dietary needs. “We would be eating badly,” he said.

The pandemic has resulted in isolation and loneliness for many older adults. Knowing someone will arrive at the door with meals is a comfort. Irma and Ezequiel look forward to receiving socially-distant check-ins from their Meals on Wheels driver. Irma said, “It’s so nice to have someone come over and say hello.”