Participants taking advantage of our two Adult Day Health Care (ADHC) centers feel the benefits of our heart-happy fitness program. ADHC centers offer upgraded fitness equipment similar to a rehabilitative clinic experience—including elliptical arm machines and pulleys for upper mobility, stationary bikes, and occupational therapy tables—for improved strength, balance, and fine motor skills.

Staying physically active is vital to heart health, fall prevention, and keeping ADHC participants—who have cognitive and physical decline—living at home with their families.

Each participant is evaluated by occupational and physical therapists and monitored by CNAs and PT assistants with careful consideration given to individual care plans. The Heart-Happy Fitness program typically starts with a 15-minute group stretch followed by 45-minute small-group rotations using the equipment in the physical and occupational therapy areas. Participants are seeing results and loving it! “They feel energized and are excited about the improvements they feel in their bodies,” said Yesenia Ocampo, program director at our Anaheim location. Families are also happy with the results and comment on how much better their loved ones sleep at night after participating in these activities.