After moving into an apartment complex for disabled seniors, Julie, 69, quickly discovered that her increased living expenses were more than her fixed income could cover. Healthy food and a balanced diet were too expensive for Julie’s budget. As a result, her nutrition suffered immensely.

“I lived on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cold cereal for two years before discovering Meals on Wheels Orange County,” she says. “I’m so grateful to be eating fruits and vegetables again!”

She adds that, with the rising cost of groceries, she would go hungry without the nutritious meals she receives every week. “I’d be starving the last two weeks of each month,” Julie says.

Julie also shares how delighted she was to learn that Meals on Wheels OC offers so much more than meals. She praises the dedication of our delivery drivers. “They take time to talk to me and let me know I’m not alone,” she says.

Julie and others in our program tell us all the time how thankful they are for people committed to nourishing the wellness, purpose, and dignity of their elderly neighbors.