Rose has experienced leg pain most of her life. Although the pain has become progressively worse through the years, Rose has remained upbeat and independent. Even when her discomfort became so chronic that she could no longer get herself in and out of a car or shop and prepare meals for herself, she was determined to find a nutritional solution that didn’t compromise her independent lifestyle. She said, “It felt like a big imposition to ask my friends to take me shopping or pick up food to eat. They are seniors themselves and can only do so much.”

Rose was confident Meals on Wheels Orange County could deliver the nutrition she needed. Her prior volunteer experience provided familiarity with the quality and reliability of the program, so she didn’t hesitate before reaching out to Meals on Wheels Orange County for help.

Since then, Rose has enjoyed receiving meals for over 18 months. She said, “Meals on Wheels really saved me! Without Meals on Wheels, I’d be up a creek without a paddle. Walking down store aisles was agony and standing to prepare meals was awful. Now all I need to do is microwave the meals delivered to my door and I know I’m getting good basic nutrition. You get a feeling of well-being after a good meal.”

In addition to nutrition, Rose is also grateful to receive a friendly “hello” with each delivery. The Orange County resident said, “Very often the people who deliver my meals are the only people I talk to each day. They hand me the meals and say, ‘How are you’?  It’s wonderful. They make a difference in my day, and I say ‘thank you’ each time I see them. I know they are traveling a distance to volunteer and spending their time, using their gasoline, and doing whatever it takes to get the job done. Meals on Wheels is important for seniors. It fills a gap in our lives nutritionally and socially.”