Adult Day Health Centers: A Win-Win

Bertha remembers the challenges of shouldering the responsibility of being a full-time caregiver for her eighty-six-year-old mother, Magdalena. As Magdalena’s health worsened, Bertha was caring for her day and night. It became increasingly difficult for Bertha to do her own household chores, shop for groceries, or [...]

Listing Your Legacy

When you head to the grocery store, it is always best to have a list. Lists help us remember the most important items, consider options, and generally lead to better financial decisions. When you think about the important people in your life, have you written a [...]

Meals on Wheels OC Fills the Gap

Rose has experienced leg pain most of her life. Although the pain has become progressively worse through the years, Rose has remained upbeat and independent. Even when her discomfort became so chronic that she could no longer get herself in and out of a car or [...]

John’s Story: Our Honor to Serve

John, 68, is a fighter. His heroism during the Vietnam War put him in the hospital for months and left him with debilitating injuries. Yet, he continues to fight. Today, however, John faces significantly different battles. Two years ago, this decorated veteran was diagnosed with cancer. [...]

Meet Marlena

“After the fall [in the shower], I was in so much pain,” says Marlena, 81. “I was only eating soup because it was the quickest thing to prepare.” As a retired nurse, Marlena knew she needed better nutrition than soup alone could provide, but she was [...]

Our Time To Serve Veterans in Need

“It was a good life,” says Edward, reflecting on 22 years of Army service, a career at the post office, and the raising of two sons followed by retirement with his wife. But when Edward’s wife of 58 years passed away, their Los Alamitos home was suddenly [...]

The Proof Is in the Pudding

Joan’s younger years were dedicated to sharing the comforts of her home with many children, most of who were not her own. In addition to raising a family and spending time with her grandchildren, Joan dedicated 15 years of her life to fostering children who benefited [...]

A Helping Hand – John’s Story

When John made the decision to bring his wife Mary home from the care facility, he knew his role as full-time caregiver would be challenging, but as Mary’s health declined and John experienced his own health challenges, life became more difficult than he imagined. When shopping [...]

From Hungry To Hopeful

After moving into an apartment complex for disabled seniors, Julie, 69, quickly discovered that her increased living expenses were more than her fixed income could cover. Healthy food and a balanced diet were too expensive for Julie’s budget. As a result, her nutrition suffered immensely. “I [...]

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