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Meals on Wheels Orange County Story - Ray

Meals and More For Ray

Ray is 73 and lives with his loving daughter Shannon. He uses a walker all the time and depends on Shannon to assist with his daily activities and helping to keep him living independently. Ray’s hands are unable to grab items or open canned food, so Shannon had been preparing all her father’s meals… until recently.

Sadly, Shannon is experiencing her own health challenges making it increasingly difficult to care for her father in the same capacity as before her diagnosis. The smell of food now makes her nauseous and the frequency of her doctor appointments is exhausting. In recent months it became impossible for Shannon to prepare the meals Ray needed to sustain his slight 100 pound frame.  At that time, she knew it was vital to find another source of nutrition for her father.

While searching for options, Shannon remembered seeing a car commercial that supported Meals on Wheels, and knew that was where she could go for help.  As she searched fora local Meals on Wheels program, she found Meals on Wheels Orange County.  It has been a tremendous relief for Shannon to know that she has one less worry.   “Meals on Wheels Orange County provides consistent nutrition for my dad,” said Shannon.  He needs consistency and he loves the food!”

Shannon reported that her father has gained 6 pounds since Meals on Wheels Orange County’s Meals on Wheels began arriving at their doorstep.

And that’s not all. When Ray’s medical insurance denied coverage to replace his broken walker, Meals on Wheels Orange County was able to provide him with a replacement.  Additionally, Meals on Wheels Orange County arranged the installation of a permanent grab bar so Ray can safely lift himself up from the toilet seat.

Shannon has left multiple messages on Meals on Wheels Orange County’s voicemail expressing their gratitude. Her most recent sentiment was short and sweet: She said, “Meals on Wheels Orange County is awesome!”

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