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Meals on Wheels Orange County Story - Glenn

A Meal Begins Security and Hope for the Future

Once a successful businessman worth millions, Glenn would have never guessed that his luck would eventual leave him homeless, in complete despair, and destitute.

Glenn had a happy career as the owner of two successful businesses. The first, a prominent and profitable shoe business that Glenn found fulfilling and exciting. An economic downturn forced Glenn to sell the business, leaving him scrambling for options. Eventually he started a second business specializing in a then state-of-the- art technology known as voicemail. Glenn’s voicemail business grew and prospered until one fateful day when he was in a life threatening car accident. He sustained severe injuries and Glenn was hospitalized for a year and a half.

“Boy, I tell you what, that’s the worst thing that ever happened to me,” Glenn recalled. “My wife divorced me. She didn’t think I’d ever walk again. When I finally did get out of the hospital, the business was worth nothing and my house was being foreclosed on. The money I had was gone. Everything was gone.”

Glenn was invited to stay with his close friend of 40 years, but tragically, not long after he moved in, his friend passed away.

“That changed everything,” said Glenn. “I had nowhere to go, so I lived in my car. That’s what I did. I lived on the streets for eight years.” Glenn wistfully added, “I had millions of dollars at one time. I had four hundred employees… Just everything fell apart.”

Eight years living on the streets took its toll on Glenn. He felt overwhelmed, desperate, and even contemplated suicide.

Just in time Glenn learned of Meals on Wheels Orange County and his luck turned again…and this time for the better. Once Glenn began receiving Meals on Wheels Orange County’s nutritious meals and supportive services, he felt a sense of security and independence.

Glenn has had the support of Meals on Wheels Orange County for over a year, and more than anything, Glenn finds comfort knowing someone cares. He says, “Somebody calls me from Meals on Wheels Orange County just about on a daily basis. They mean a lot to me. Without that, I’d sit here in this apartment and I would just waste away.”

The care and compassion Glenn experiences through Meals on Wheels Orange County’s Meals on Wheels, case management, and in-home services has given him renewed hope for his future. “It seems like what’s happening now is that I’m coming back. Maybe there is some hope for me to give back again. And it makes me feel good, and that’s something I haven’t felt in a long time, a long time.”

Glenn’s life was rescued through the safety net of programs and services provided by the generous and caring Meals on Wheels Orange County community.

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