A Helping Hand – John’s Story

When John made the decision to bring his wife Mary home from the care facility, he knew his role as full-time caregiver would be challenging, but as Mary’s health declined and John experienced his own health challenges, life became more difficult than he imagined. When shopping [...]

From Hungry To Hopeful

After moving into an apartment complex for disabled seniors, Julie, 69, quickly discovered that her increased living expenses were more than her fixed income could cover. Healthy food and a balanced diet were too expensive for Julie’s budget. As a result, her nutrition suffered immensely. “I [...]

More Than A Meal®

At a time when more and more seniors are fighting health issues and isolation in addition to their urgent need for food, our work is more critical than ever. Together, we can continue to erase hunger and loneliness while keeping families together. In addition to Meals [...]

Together, We’re Stronger

Maureen and Kat Kat and her 87-year-old mother Maureen have both experienced health challenges over the years. For years, they have supported each other by pooling their resources and sharing a home together. When their health conditions worsened and money was in short supply, the pair [...]

When Everything Changes

Maggie has always been independent, persistent, kind, and lovable. After retiring as a preschool teacher’s aide, she was missed so much, that she returned to work as a substitute teacher and continued working until she was 84 years old! At 85, Maggie was still going strong. [...]