Message From Our CEO

Dear Friends,

For more than 50 years, Meals on Wheels Orange County (formerly SeniorServ) has offered nourishing care and life-enriching experiences for the well-being of at-risk older adults and their families. We are committed to erasing hunger and loneliness for older adults through nutritious meals, therapeutic care, social connections, home visits, and other services that help them maintain their independence and quality of life.

Between our Meals on Wheels, Senior Center Lunch Café programs, Adult Day Services, Care Coordination, and Friendly Visitors, we serve nearly 1 million meals to more than 10,000 older adults each year throughout 20 Orange County cities. With the generous help of our supporters, we’ve achieved a lot.

But more must be done.

Today, one in four low-income older adults in Orange County struggles with hunger. In one of the richest counties in the U.S., that number is staggering. In addition, one in four older adults in the County are at greater risk of death due to loneliness. The real challenge is that these numbers are only going to increase. In the next 20 years, older adults will grow to be one third of the County’s population.

If we’re going to fully address this fast-approaching need, we must spread awareness about our cause to erase hunger and loneliness among at-risk older adults. Everyone in the County should know how important it is to help the people we serve and their families.

How does an organization like ours raise this kind of visibility? We took the strategic step to align our branding with the national Meals on Wheels America movement, one that is immediately recognizable to people who hear the name. During Saturday’s 9th Annual Senior Care Hero Awards™ gala, we announced that we have become Meals on Wheels Orange County.

This decision was a natural extension of our ongoing relationship with the national organization and my personal involvement on its board of directors and on the board of directors of the state affiliate, Meals on Wheels California.

It is our sincere hope that embracing the national movement here in Orange County will increase awareness of the issue and our impact, rally the masses around the cause of older adult hunger and loneliness, and help us address the urgent, growing needs of our older adult population now and for decades to come.

As Meals on Wheels Orange County, we will continue to provide all of our current services. To see the full news release on our new name, please visit:

Thank you for your continued partnership in helping to erase hunger and loneliness for at-risk older adults in our county.

All the best,

Holly Hagler, President and CEO
Meals on Wheels Orange County